Seiwa Cunningham
Textile artist and Workshop Facilitator
Working under the name redallover, I have run workshops in schools, colleges, galleries, museums, and care and health settings, since 1985.
I teach art, craft, felt making, mask making, image transfer and am trained in reminiscence work.
I work with children, adults, families and elders of all abilities
As a textile designer, I have a keen interest in alternative methods of printing and image transfer, with the emphasis on playfulness and experimentation. I work with layered textures, fabrics and mediums.
My present preoccupation is with my past and recording my early memories using photographic imagery and text on fabric.
Through reminiscence techniques, I enjoy teasing memories out of others and using them to create amazing art pieces, handmade books and journals.
I am also deeply passionate about the textiles of Ghana, particularly Adinkra fabric and the Asafo flags of the Fante people and run workshops based on the wealth of meaning housed in their symbolism.